The Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Department (WRD) is responsible for estimation, planning and comprehensive utilization of surface and under-ground water resources of the State. It is also responsible for framing and implementing the State Water Policy. The WRD was originally a branch of Public Works Department (PWD). It was separated from PWD in the year 1968 with one Engineer-in-Chief, 4 Chief Engineers, 21 Circle Offices, 67 Division offices and 264 sub-divisions. Presently, Department  has 1 Engineer-in-Chief, 12 Chief Engineers (Civil),1 Chief Engineers (E/M), 1 Commissioner Bansagar Project, 1 Commissioner Command Area Development, 45 Circles (headed by SEs), 137 Divisions (headed by EEs) and 583 Sub-Divisions (headed by AEs.) sanctioned.



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